Singapore's leading music and retailer was established with the dream to popularize music to every household. With the largest music network in Singapore, CRISTOFORI Music School provides music education with a qualified of 500 teachers, more than 100,000 students have benefitted from a holistic music education system.

CRISTOFORI Music has step-changed the music landscape in Singapore by allowing individuals to learn and play music affordably. To continue the big hearted dream, CRISTOFORI Music has gone regional and with establishments in Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia and China.

Drumstruck Studios – School of contemporary Music is a Singapore based music school which imparts reliable and proven music techniques in various contemporary instruments to groups and individual students, ranging from pre-schoolers, tertiary students to working adults.

At Drumstruck, we cater to each and every individual’s needs and expectations. We truly live and breathe music and want to impart the joy of being able to appreciate music and share our knowledge with anyone who is happy to turn up at Drumstruck. We believe that music can not only be a great hobby and career, but is also a healthy source of inspiration in life. Outside of Drumstruck, we have conceptualised and conducted music courses for various organizations such as SINDA, PCF, Planet Montessori, Hwa Chong Junior College and various other schools.

Juzmusic Academy is a well established music school that has been estabalished since 2006. We are located at multiple locations and the HQ is at Parkway Centre.

At Juzmusic Academy, we provide the finest music lessons taught by professional and dedicated teachers.  Keeping to the teachings of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Juzmusic Academy believes “Every Child Can Learn,” and encourages students to trust in their abilities and help them overcome obstacles in learning music. Whether you are taking music lessons for leisure or keen to benchmark your music progress, Juzmusic Academy will work with you to find the best approach and meet your needs in your music lessons.

Being one of the most recognized and fast-growing school in Singapore, My Drum School (MDS) has enrolled over 2,600 drum students within its four branches in Singapore. With more than 40 Drum educators conducting weekly one-to-one classes, MDS has been featured in The Business Times, The Straits Times, OKTO TV, Channel U, Channel Suria, and the Disney Channel.

With its own customized curriculum and dedicated educators, MDS has won 9 national awards to date, including “Fastest Growing Corporation by Promising SME 500”. They are set to new heights each year with their slogan: “We Are Serious About Drumming.”

We offer music courses for all ages. Our interactive lessons are designed to encourage our students to have confidence and self-belief by participating in various events.

Our teachers are constantly increasing their performance credits by participating in recording sessions, concerts, recitals and international festivals. Our faculty includes some of the finest music professionals in the region.

Academy of Rock is one of the leading music schools in the world dedicated to both delivery and development of quality pop and rock music academia programmes. AOR provides a dynamic learning environment which combines natural talent and creativity with fine teaching and rigorous assessment.

AOR students learn essential pop and rock instruments such as the bass, drum, guitar and vocals with focus on their individual learning pattern, ability and ambition. AOR continually develops publications and training programmes for various age groups in order to keep up with the fast and global developments in both the education and technology markets.

Bozzworkz Music Studio, founded by Jenson "Bozz" Koh in 2008 with a mission to bring fun and laughter to people's lives through drumming. Drumming is an art form that transcends all barriers and it plays a specific role in music to create impact and bring different grooves to the performance. The focus of Bozzworkz's team of passionate and professional percussion instructors is to help student achieve what they want or help them find the joy in their journey of growth. Be it in performance or academically.

With the teaching experience of more than 10 years, Jenson has accumulated a large and loyal student base since his teaching stints at Kel’s music and Melody Music. Jenson's reputation as a reliable and effective music instructor is reflected in his students achievements in receiving distinctions in the Trinity Guildhall drums exams Grade 1-4. In recent years, Bozzworkz has upgraded its recording studios and 24 hour practice rooms to become a popular work space for armature and professional musicians alike. Drum It Loud!!

Studio72 exists to inspire and galvanise aspiring musicians. A beacon for the uninitiated but also avidly interested, a guiding light shining the way forward for aspiring musicians and all inquistive minds. To help dreams come alive, to help bring music back to life.

Studio72 inspires with a unique music academy experience in a stylish upscale environment, strategically located along iconic Boat Quay. Learn and master your favourite instruments, or simple hone your rockstar skills, with an eye to perfoming live on stage (if you are game enough).

Professional, well crafted music lessons by veteran musicians and qualified mentors. Flexible sessions orchestrated to suit busy schedules and tailored to various skill level and ambitions. A complete sensory experience to transform dreams into reality.

Come on a journey of discovery. Come on a journey to live your dreams. Come re-discover rock.

“Embrace your freedom to imagine and harness your tenacity to follow your dreams"

At Thunder Rock School, instructors live by that motto and encourage their students to do the same.

Courses are not all about learning a particular music instrument. They are also sessions for burrowing deep into each student's musical capacity and digging out his or her potential for us to nourish and nurture with what we know. 

All dedicated to cultivating Singapore's music scene, our instructors are a team of carefully selected professionals who have all earned a place in the music industry.

We strongly believe that the freedom to imagine and create will inspire one to follow their dreams. To ignite their musical journey, the students are provided with opportunities for recording their own works and performing live at different venues in Singapore.

This will provide them with a strong background and infrastructure that will eventually take their musical passion beyond Thunder Rock School.

A premium music school in Singapore, The Music Lab houses top professional talent and instructors. Being the most complete educational academy, we offer creative music courses in band performance studies, music theory, music production, jazz improvisation, strum & sing as well as practical lessons in a wide range of instruments such as Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Ukulele, Vocals and much more.
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